Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Day of Summer Spree

Today is the last day of Summer Spree 2012 
We had such an amazing and creative summer, spent with lovely children of all ages.

The last day of Summer Spree included our end of the week Art Show:

The Purple Group

The Yellow Group

The Turquoise Group

The Red Group

The Orange Group

The Green Group

Monday, August 6, 2012

Session 5- Day 1

The Blue Group made scratch pads by using multiple oil pastel colors and drawing a thick layer covering the entire sheet of paper. Then they applied black tempera paint on top of the colors. Once the tempera paint dried, the children scratched out designs and shows all the colors making up their picture.

The second phase of the Special Project included the groups making their treasure maps and burying their treasure.

The Yellow Group finished their Chinese tea cups and yin yang necklaces. Today was the glazing process which give their ceramics color and shine. After the paint dries they will be placed in the kiln to be fired and ready to take home!

The Orange Group made their own stamps and rolled on printer ink to stamp on plexiglass. They will also be finishing their ceramic cupcakes. They will be using a clear lacquer and acrylic paint on the base and creating the frosted tops with colored tissue paper.

The Red Group made space pictures with planets, stars and a spaceship! First, they used watercolors on coffee filters and glued them to blue construction paper. Then they stamped on stars and added glittered glue and lastly the spaceship.