Saturday, August 3, 2013

Session III Art Shows!

Summer Spree Session III has been simply swimming with great art and greater kids! As I made my way around to the art shows this Friday, I saw some awesome work. My first stop was with the Orange Group, where they were finishing up some final preparations before parents walked into their Bridge Room "Gallery."
Members of the Orange Group decorating their take-home bags which will hold their fabulous artwork, shown below!
Ice Cream Cones were a feature for a few groups in the ceramics studio this session. Don't they look just tooth-chipping yummy? 

Decorated seashell molds and drip-painted recycled containers brightened up by splatter-painted table covers beneath.
Sampling of the afternoon Orange Group's coin-cans and ceramics creations.
Awesome boats made from old miniature building blocks and recycled wood. So cool!

The Green Group was not in their room when I went to see them, but I did get to glimpse some of the work they had out for their show. Looks like they've been pretty busy as well!

Shields inspired by medieval times, and check out that detailed map they've hung in the background!

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Jen always makes sure her Red Group's art is displayed so that the kids can easily find all their work, with their tie-dyed masterpieces as tablecloths for their collections.

Red Group Art Show in full swing: Three Generations of CAC-lovers in some cases!

Found the Yellow Group putting finishing touches on their Ceramics pieces in the kid's pottery studio, then went up to their classroom to find some great work on very fitting Yellow tablecloths!

Nametags, artwork, prints, and some inspirational examples cover the tables and walls in the Yellow Group's room

Check out those great big underwater water colors! How pretty!

The Purple Group had a very interesting display set up in their room! In addition to the camper's artwork posted all over the walls, there was a section by the window where they hung 3D artwork and recreations of underwater creatures and wildlife!

Just putting some final touches to his ceramics display...looks great and love the multimedia artwork on the walls!

I got to see these awesome paintings in the production process. Campers used paint and various techniques of splattering and blowing the paint around to create new shapes and images before using their black pens and a little imagination to turn them into undersea creatures they learned about this session.

Touching up the fun 3D display!
The Turquoise Group also had a very cool 3D pond/waterfall display in their room, when I went to visit. They also set up extra vertical space so they could display all of their outstanding work...

I'm seeing a river, waterfall, and pond! Almost hard to believe this is all indoors! 

Awesome work, Turquoise Group!

My last, but certainly not least, stop was into the gallery, where Pauline was making her usual magic that shines from her whenever she's with a group of kids. Her group was just getting into their musical performance, with the boys of the group keeping the beat in the middle of the circle, while she and the girls sang and danced along with handmade instruments and accessories. Impossible not to smile when you see kids having such a good time and learning so much at camp!

Aerial view of the performance from the gallery's balcony

Parents look on, listening and clapping along to their kids' melodies

Parents and grandparents joined in the finale before the procession led back to the Art Show in their classroom.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Session III: Yoga, and Sculpture, and Treasure, Oh My!

This afternoon, I got to catch a glimpse of Summer Spree's much-loved Afternoon Yoga Special. Groups rotate to multiple specials all day long, but Yoga is always a favorite, especially since the kids get to spend some time in the cool ballroom.
Orange Group learns the Downward Facing Dog pose.

Orange Group working on their Frog Jumping technique hopping among the "lily pads" aka yoga mats.

Next stop, I found the Turquoise Group working on what appeared to be a construction project, putting together large scale sculptures. Seems their room might undergo a big transformation for their Art Show on Friday!
Turquoise Group members at work!

Soon, this will start to come together and look more and more like a 3D whale!

Turquoise Group members pausing to pose for the camera.

Finally, I stopped in to see the Red Group, where Lucy and Robbie were putting some final sandy touches onto their Treasure Maps. They used oil pastels on brown construction paper to make their maps and draw paths, and I came in while these two were adding colorful sand with glue sticks to key areas on their maps.

So much concentration on such little faces! Lucy has loads of treasure to find on her map!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Session III Begins!

Session III is off to a fun start with a lot of familiar faces and some new fast friends!

For my first stop, I popped in to see the Yellow group, about to get started on some big watercolors of under water scenes. They were very excited to be using such big pieces of paper, and were sprawled out all over the room ready to make some awesome art!
2 cuties cleaning their brushes before they get their paint

and they're off! lots of white space to make disappear!

Next, I went to see the Red Group, where they were finishing up some very cool projects. They were playing a little bit of Simon Says and waiting for everyone to be finished. I caught Levon putting some final touches on his tissue paper collage.

The Red Group always has some great sculpture art!

The Orange Group was having their snack break when I popped in to see them, but it wasn't hard to find a kid who wanted to show me her artwork! Sarah had just brought her group in from outside where they were using found objects to make prints. They painted things like bubble wands and cupcake tins before pressing them onto sheets of paper to make some very cool art! 
Natalie posing with her print. Great work!

The Purple Group was working on some paintings using a very cool watercolor technique. They were blowing the wet water colors to create new patterns, inspired by pictures of the coral reef. Once the kids were satisfied with the colors they used, they drew black outlines to highlight the images. Very cool stuff!
Purple Group hard at work!

Lucy outlining her coral reef.
Can't wait to see what other awesome artwork these Session III campers will create!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Session II: Morning Art Shows!

Session II comes to a close today at Summer Spree! And the art shows these teachers and kids have put together are amazing! This is the most fun for me as the blogging intern because when the camera comes out, 9 times out of 10 there is a child who is more than thrilled to show me all of their favorite pieces on which they've been working so hard for the past 2 weeks.

Follow along with me in this post for some highlights in rainbow order (youngest to oldest) from today's Magic Mornings Art Shows!

Red Group!

Jenn's Red Group is always super fun to visit! These Pre-K kids have so much energy and were so excited to see their families coming through the door, I could barely get them to stand still long enough for a group shot in front of their tie-dye stage. 

Here they all are with some of their artwork in the foreground- clay octopuses, tie-dye, ceramic tiles, and more, these kids have been busy busy busy in Session II!
The Red Group they can pose for a picture but no promises all 10 will be able to find the camera at once!

Orange Group!

I popped into the Bridge Room to see Sarah's Orange group while their Art Show was in full swing! From life-sized self portraits to plaster cupcakes, rainsticks to printed fish, Sarah had these soon-to-be Kindergartners working with all sorts of materials to get their creative juices flowing this session.
Treasure boxes decorated with paint, googly eyes, sequins, and other glue-ables are just one of the many projects members of the Orange group got to take home this morning.

The Orange Art Show was the place to be! Look at all that amazing artwork! Cameo blog appearance by Sarah, Jane, and Bob Deane in the background!

Pinch-pot octopuses made in the ceramics studio with instructor Andrea, and plaster cupcakes in the back, yet another Sarah Original Idea!

Yellow Group!

I got to get specially introduced to some members of the yellow group, waiting for their parents to arrive, who were very excited about their artwork! Teachers Megan and Emily did a great job with their soon-to-be first graders this session!
This little sweetheart was jazzed to show off her jellyfish (hanging over her head) which she made in ceramics class.

Sophia wanted to get a picture with her whole wall of artwork. Great work, Sophia!

When I asked Jake where his favorite thing was, he ran over and grabbed this mosaic tile he made. Too cute!

Green Group!

Always an adventure, I found Pauline and her Green Group in the gallery having story time and waiting for their parents to arrive, before singing all the way back to their art show, parents in tow. They have been busy busy kids working from cultural inspirations from all over the world to make some awesome artwork!
Parents look on as their kids listen to one last Story Time from their teacher, Pauline...

...before singing their way out of the gallery...

...and back to their Art Show. Look at all that amazing art! From bird sanctuaries to Chinese scrolls to ceramic octopuses, so much creative energy!

Purple Group!

These almost-third-graders have been working hard this session with teacher Martha in their room on the third floor. Georgia, Dean, and Grace gladly showed me some of their favorite pieces they've been working on this session!
Georgia, representing the color of her group today with those purple shorts and flip-flops, poses with her artwork.

Always full of personality, Dean exclaimed "Can I get a picture with my snail?!" as soon as he saw my camera. Of course, Dean! Here ya go.

Grace, also in some awesome Purple shorts, stands with her wall of artwork. Good stuff, Grace!

Collectively, the purple group was very excited and prompted me to get a picture of the jellyfish they made with Andrea in their ceramics special. Don't these look amazing?!

Turquoise Group!

Last but not least, we've got our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, led by teacher Pat, in the turquoise group right next door to the Purple Group on the third floor. Still setting up for their show when I arrived, they all lined up next to their "Turquoise Group" wall and posed for a picture.
Looking good, girls! 

Black Elmer's glue and watercolors make the colors on these paintings really pop!

More turquoise artwork with a reminder of our Summer Spree Theme this summer, Grow With the Flow! Hope to see some of these friendly faces again soon!