Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Afternoon Shenanigans in Session 3!

This afternoon, I checked in on the Red and Purple Groups, who were working on some pretty great projects. The Purple Group carved amazing designs into linoleum tiles in order to make their own prints. I caught the tail end of this project, while the kids were rolling ink onto their carvings and stamping their creations onto paper. The red group was in ceramics with Dave Woods, pressing leaves into clay which will burn off in the kiln to leave imprints.
Old Summer Spree friends, Dean and Hallie (of the Purple Group), rolling ink onto their carved linoleum tiles.

Jane and Nicole showing off a couple of their prints.

Nathan and his awesome print (with a guest appearance by Ava the Photobomber).

Mira and Megan (of the Red Group) with their clay pressed with plants before cutting and firing.
The following are a few shots from earlier this week and late last week. The Orange Group made some pretty cool plaster bowls by wrapping wet strips of plaster around plastic bowl molds and letting them sit overnight. They then painted them to make decorative pieces (note: eating cereal or soup from these bowls or putting them in the dishwasher/microwave might not end well). The Red Group also made mini oceans in a bottle by pouring colored sand into little water bottles along with tiny seashells and treasures before pouring blue- or green-tinted water into them.
Sophia (of the Orange Group) working hard to decorate her bowl.

Minori and her intricately designed bowl.

Izyan examining the treasures inside his own personal mini-ocean.

The whole Red Motley Crew (minus two members) with their oceans.

Gail's Teen Sketching class is making a special appearance in today's post! This is a shot of them from last week doing some outdoor sketching in the back yard of the arts center. Teen classes run from 1-2:30 or 2:30-4 every day during Summer Spree.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Afternoon of Hula Hoops!

This afternoon, Summer Spree had the pleasure of a visit from Hula Hoop Instructor, Jennifer, of HoopFrenz! Jenn brought a bunch of kid- and adult-sized hoops so kids, teachers, aides and Arts Center Staff alike all got to join in on the fun. All three afternoon age groups got to try their hips at hula hooping, and doing all sorts of other activities with the hoops. I couldn't resist spending the afternoon taking pictures of all our campers having such a blast learning this awesome, active skill!
The Red Group's teacher, Jen, surprised herself when she learned to hoop today!

Adam doing a hoop trick for his friends in the Red Group.

They're getting the hang of it!

Aaron making his way through the hoopscotch course!

Izyan ditched his hoop to crawl through.

Megan used hers like a jumprope all the way down the line!

Alyssa (of the Orange Group) workin' it while Jenn cheers her on.

Practice made perfect for Sophia this afternoon!

The Purple Group doing their thing and testing out the hoop-challenges Jenn suggested.

I promise that my next post will be more focused on little artists, but today's post just had to be dedicated to this hoop-filled afternoon! We're lucky to be having Jenn back again for two more afternoons this summer in Sessions 4 & 5!

For more info about HoopFrenz (which offers classes and birthday parties as well) or hooping as an exercise technique, check out their website: !

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mosaics, Ceramics, Music, and More in Session 3!

It's day 3 of the third session here at Spree, and all of our classes are in full swing! This morning, I stopped in to check out what Andrea's been teaching in the Kids' Ceramics Studio before heading over to the Red Group's classroom to see them making their own treasure maps!
The Yellow Group learned about positives and negatives in ceramics this morning by imprinting their clay projects with plants Andrea brought from her garden. Here, Margot and Sofia are paying close attention to the demo.

James carefully inspecting a pastel-crayon before using it to create his treasure map.
This afternoon, I checked in on the Red Group while they were in Emily's Music special. They were having a blast with rhythm sticks, chanting to each other "Show me how you like to dance" before each child got up and displayed his/her favorite dance move. At the same time, but in a much quieter setting, the Purple Group (grades 4-6) was learning about positives and negatives while shadowing with pencils and pastels. 
Noah twirling in the air, showing off his favorite dance move.

The Purple Group studying photographs to hone their sketching and shading abilities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Session 3 is here at Spree!

Session 3 is underway here at Summer Spree 2014, and we're happy to see some familiar faces alongside a bunch of new friends! This morning at Spree, the Orange Group made beetle-prints, while the Yellow Group worked on some colorful collages, and the Purple Group made millipedes out of bottle caps and pipe cleaners. Back in the main building, the Turquoise Group learned about contrast in a new geometric project and the Blue Group assembled kites and flew them around their classroom!
Adam and Izyan (of the Orange Group) using found materials to make prints that look like beetles (to be decorated after the pain dries).

Maisie, Anna, and Maya (also Orange Group) posing in their masks. 

Minori and her friends in the Yellow Group working on their collages.

Martha helping her Purple Group Girls construct creative millipedes from painted bottle caps and pipe cleaners.

Nathan, Hallie, and Dean learning how to use contrasting colors and patterns to make designs pop off the page.
The Blue Group decorating and assembling their kites...

...before flying them around the room like Sophia!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Session 2 Comes to a Close!

This session has been another amazing one here at Summer Spree! Kids and staff alike have had a blast digging in the dirt, molding clay, painting, and doing all sorts of other creative projects while making new friends and running around the grounds of the Arts Center. At the end of Magic Mornings today, we had a big End-of-Session Celebration in the side yard and children's garden. The kids got to show off what they've been doing with Bob and Drew all session, and the Turquoise Group even planned a coronation for the giant King Nelsor the worm. But before that, kids showed off their completed projects, put finishing touches on others, and posed for the camera.
The Green Group Girls in their mining gear! Can you dig it?

Seasoned Summer Spree Camper, Adam in the kid's ceramics studio.

Charlotte (of the Red Group) taking a giggle break from painting her ceramic creation.

Selwa (of the Yellow Group) painting sparkly purple while her group members take a little sensory break in the lego area.

Bram shows off his lego guy and awesome Summer Spree Tie Dye!

Melissa (of the Turquoise Group) mentally preparing for her role in the Coronation of King Nelsor.

The Turquoise Group performing their opening musical number.

Jen (Red Group teacher) observing the beautiful entrance to King Nelsor's Lair.

King Nelsor himself.

Drew assisting in the passing of the crown.

The triplets enjoying their freeze pops after Nelsor's Coronation.
[Please disregard the shameless blog advertising in the background.]
In the afternoon, the Red, Orange and Purple Groups all hosted their own art shows in their classrooms to commemorate the end of the session. Here are just some snippets of the awesome work these kids have made during Session 2:
The Purple Group squeezing in one more project before the end of the session.

The Orange Group's collaborative yoyo-painting project done with homemade yoyo's made from balloons filled with sand and rubber bands.

Ben's collection of work he made with the Orange Group. How cool!

Can you spot all the different materials Sophia used to make this work of art?

Jen beautifully displays her Red Group's ceramic creations on top of their awesome Tie Dye Shirts from this session.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Morning Art Madness!

Back in their classrooms, our morning groups have been making some great work! Today, I saw the Red Group drawing with crayons and hanging out with their awesome aide, Steph. The Purple Group was giggling and performing with their pipe cleaner microphones, while next door the Turquoise Group experimented with watercoloring techniques, and downstairs the Blue Group made tree root designed out of yarn and glue on paper.

Steph drawing with Cameron and Adrianna, of the Red Group.

Adam, deep in concentration, working on his drawing. 

Future divas of the Purple Group with their pipe-cleaner microphones, just like the pop stars.

Violet (of the Turquoise Group) watercoloring within the dried black Elmers glue outlines of her work of art.

Melissa (also Turquoise Group) experiments with salt and watercolors.
Some other techniques she's been trying are in the foreground.

Another Turquoise Group experiment with watercolors and saran wrap.

Pearl and Gianna (of the Blue Group) working with glue and yarn to create designs meant to look like tangled tree roots.

Ben and Nathan getting their hands dirty with the same technique as above.

This afternoon, I caught up with the Red and Orange Groups. The Red Group was in the process of making rainsticks, while the Orange Group did some outdoor painting with giant fly swatters and splatter-paint!
Natalie (of the Red Group) displaying her freshly painted rainstick!

Sara & Sarah's Orange Group always has some out-of-the-box art project going on! Check out Ben as he first swats his paper with a black giant-fly-swatter pattern... 

...before splattering neon colored paint over top of the print. So fun!