Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Through the eyes of others...

I wish I could capture all of the magical moments of summer spree! Some of the teachers sent me their spectacular photos so I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy! 

Wormopolis, Hula and Music!!

Green group building wormopolis with Bob and Drew!

Green group relocating worms to their new home!

Orange group comes to visit Juanita for ceramics.
Orange group making clay rocket ships with Juanita!
Steph helping the red group make an ocean in a bottle.
Hula Hoop time with Jen!!

Music time with Pauline!
Afternoon adventures- orange group comes to visit Pauline for magical music!
Following in her father's drum beats!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Woohoo !! Session 2 !!

King Drew!
Shine on-clay suns!
Look at all of these wonderful creations in Ceramics!
Red group playtime!
Such a beautiful day to play outside!
Great first day of Summer Spree! 
Teen IPad drawing with Drew

Giggles with Jenn!
Red group ceramics time with David.
Such cute little birdies in their nests! Red group ceramics with David.
Afternoon Adventures with Sara.
Teen watercolors with Pat.

Teen Zentangle 
Teen Zentangle
Teen Zentangle with Sheryl

Teen Clay Hand-building with Kate
Teen Clay Hand-building with Kate

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Session 1 is a wrap!

What an amazing first week of Summer Spree!! Fun was had by all! The end of the week art show celebration was enjoyed by campers and their families. So much laughter and smiles...can't wait for another exciting week of Summer Spree! Stay tuned for more adventures!

Shine On!
Juanita and the yellow group setting up for the celebration.

Check out these amazing sun prints made with Margery!
Purple group getting ready to show off their masterpieces! 
Art show celebration
Look at all of the beautiful art work created by the blue group!
Enjoying popsicles during the celebration!

So many awesome tie dyes!

Please enjoy some of the wonderful moments we captured during the art show celebration!! 

Teen digital photography party with Patti. So many amazing photographs!
Purple group art show celebration in Afternoon Adventures.

Red group art show celebration in Afternoon Adventures.
Red group art show celebration in Afternoon Adventures.
All smiles after his week at Summer Spree!
Teen clay hand-building with Kate. So many cool creations!
Making new friends!